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The Adventures of "Adventurers" [and how to survive without an IPad]

Hello I am Rudy and I am Nik Elvy's daughter. I have the fidgets where I just have to move and energetically do things all of the time. My mum calls them my wiggles but the point is that outside I am always releasing my wiggles but in school and in class I have something called a fiddle so that I can fiddle with it when I need to release my fidgets because I can't just do cartwheels around the class can I!

I am an Adventurer all of the time but especially in our Adventurers group. I also take part in Bucca Gwidden [a wild drama group in the woods] also run by Nik Elvy. My mum works at the same school that I go to. At school we do outdoor learning in our curriculum. But unfortunately it is only Thursdays and Fridays. But I know I am lucky to have that and my Teacher is quite outdoorsy and takes us out also sometimes.

I love outdoor learning at school for many reasons, but mainly because sometimes we get a task and then we get free time. FUN! In free time, we have boundaries still but we basically get to do what we want. This is REALLY important because in school and most of the time, we don't get to do what we want. In free time I like to just kind of play and explore. I like to go and find really cool places to make a den.

On Saturdays when we do Adventurers we all [especially me] love it when it rains because the hill we walk up, to get to our destination of Adventurers, gets really muddy and sloppy so on the way back down the hill, to meet the parents in the car park, if you have water proofs on you are allowed to POWER SLIDE down the hill. Also on the first wet Adventurers ever, we had lots of fun just, playing with the rain.

We made a video where somebody poured water over someones head. But it didn't matter that they got wet because we were already so wet. I like playing in the rain because everything gets wet and you can do different things than you could not do on a hot Sunny day.

The parents never get stressed that their kids are muddy and wet. Other parents with kids who just go on technology all of the time, if they got muddy and wet, their parents would probably be really annoyed because they are usually dry and boring!!

At school and at Adventurers there are some rewards you can get, they are called the skills badges.There is a fire badge, water badge, air badge and an earth badge. I only have the fire badge and the water badge but my BFF's have the air badge. If you want to get these badges here are a few tips: Be patient, join one of miss Elvy's curious school of the wild clubs, be able to remember the names of clouds, trees and birds and how to be safe around fires and with a knife and always be enthusiastic. As you have read, you can see that you can get rewards outdoors in the pouring rain rather than inside on a tablet playing Temple Run.

Hopefully this blog has showed you and your children that you can have fun anywhere and whenever you would like without a digital device. It's better being outdoors instead of inside as your nature is connected with the outdoors more. You can get muddy and no-one will be annoyed with you. I think it is better to be outdoors then you can see nature progressing but if you are on a tablet you just see that game progressing, and nature is much bigger and more interesting and more important than a game.

I think that teachers and parents should get their kids outdoors more, they would think that indoors is safer and they are more alert but actually the outdoors is safe and they are MORE focused and alert. No-one can get hacked outdoors because there is no such thing as an account outdoors, you are just your own person.

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