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“Supporting inclusive and good outdoor lives”

Being outside is good for us. We all deserve a good outdoor life. There is plenty of research to tell us that outdoor time supports better physical health, mental health, social health and even leads to better educational outcomes.  Through outdoor adventure, play and education we explore our sensory worlds, take healthy risks, and learn experientially by seeing first-hand and by doing and feeling.  The outdoors is an awesome lens through which we can explore our environment, food, science, the arts, story, heritage, the more than human world, people, culture, space and freedom, physical ability, place, challenge, sensory needs, inclusion, risk, trust, change and most of all ourselves.


We want our communities to have access to good outdoor lives, to come together and share the benefits of the outdoors.  We understand this is not always easy for everyone and so we make it our job to find ways to make access better and more inclusive to enjoy the outdoors and nature with others.  Place is important to communities and so we are unusual in that we welcome bringing the outdoor learning experience to green spaces right on people’s doorsteps. Through youth projects, community feasts, play, walks, camp outs, expedition, outdoor cooking and adventures big and tiny, we create opportunities for people to come together outside in their local places and some special places further away. 


Our prime goal is to support people on low incomes and living in poverty to be able to access the benefits of the outdoors and lead good outdoor lives.  By removing barriers for communities with fewer resources we naturally make ourselves more inclusive to many others. 


We know that we learn better by doing.  Lucky for us the outdoors is the perfect place for experiential learning.  Many of our crew have an education background and expertise.  We understand that learning takes place in diverse ways and we are committed to practices that support learning for as many as possible.  


We are here to share what we learn in our work locally and with wider communities in education, the outdoor sector and other organisations.  We write, post, blog, film, research, present at events and speak about the main threads woven into our work outdoors.  Communicating the findings and observations in our outdoor work is central to our CIC model.  For us communication is key to influencing policy change from local to global, every tiny step counts.  We advocate for a better understanding of the barriers facing people to have the benefits and enjoyment of a good outdoor life.  We are ambassadors for the children, young people and families we work with, who are frequently underserved and unheard.  You may find examples of our ‘threads’ by following the links on this website. 
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