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We are here to share what we learn in our work locally and with wider communities in education, the outdoor sector and other organisations.  We write, post, blog, film, research, present at events and speak about the main threads woven into our work outdoors.  Communicating the findings and observations in our outdoor work is central to our CIC model.  For us communication is key to influencing policy change from local to global, every tiny step counts.  We advocate for a better understanding of the barriers facing people to have the benefits and enjoyment of a good outdoor life.  We are ambassadors for the children, young people and families we work with, who are frequently underserved and unheard.  You may find examples of our ‘threads’ by following the links on this website. 


We are most commonly asked to share our knowledge and experience with cooking food outdoors, inclusion, poverty and access to outdoors, youth leadership, pedagogy of place, neurodiversity, ADHD outdoors, trauma sensitive outdoor practice, community engagement, creativity in outdoor practice, using surplus food in outdoor cooking and using non-traditional outdoor learning spaces. 


We are sharers but we do ask that you credit our work and ideas. Giving clear credit where it is due, helps us to raise the profile of the issues we tackle and track impact and policy change.  It also means we feel valued and happy when we see your share or citation and it shows us you understand and work towards similar shared goals.

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