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We know that we learn better by doing.  Lucky for us the outdoors is the perfect place for experiential learning.  Many of our crew have an education background and expertise.  We understand that learning takes place in diverse ways and we are committed to practices that support learning for as many as possible.  Our CIC is trauma sensitive and always begins by building trust with those we work with.  We understand that our basic needs must be met for effective learning to take place and so we have pioneered Second Breakfast and food in all of our work, by default.  We are an inclusive organisation and experienced with working with Neurodiverse communities and understanding how learning experiences can be designed differently.  We are also an employer of neurodivergent staff and are fortunate to draw on lived experiences of barriers to effective teaching and learning to improve our practice. Alongside all the outdoors has to offer, we use food as a creative teaching tool for a massive range of learning opportunities.  We have some animal friends who frequently come to work with us, dogs, gerbils and chickens-the outdoor world makes little sense without the relationship and interaction with animals.


Our Alternative Provision is a core part of our CIC.  We take referrals from schools and various departments at County for those looking for specialist support outdoors.  We welcome Home educated children in our alternative provision at a subsidised rate.


We work with schools, colleges and universities to support staff to feel confident and implement inclusive teaching and learning outdoors, we also offer training and workshops for other outdoor practitioners. You can see a list of subjects we are often asked to cover in the communication section.


We all learn well in diverse ways and places and so education for us is not only about formal learning environments.  We understand that feeling safe and welcome in a non formal education setting can support learning in school and college.  We offer youth sessions and workshops in our local community, outdoors and at Base Camp in Bodmin. We are community minded because we know education is lifelong and involves all of us as families, neighbourhoods, individuals and businesses.

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