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We want our communities to have access to good outdoor lives, to come together and share the benefits of the outdoors.  We understand this is not always easy for everyone and so we make it our job to find ways to make access better and more inclusive to enjoy the outdoors and nature with others.  Place is important to communities and so we are unusual in that we welcome bringing the outdoor learning experience to green spaces right on people’s doorsteps. Through youth projects, community feasts, play, walks, camp outs, expedition, outdoor cooking and adventures big and tiny, we create opportunities for people to come together outside in their local places and some special places further away. 

Base Camp in Bodmin is a pioneering project where we are supporting getting outside by starting inside. Base Camp has everything we need to get us out of the door and into nature; kit, maps, food, ID books, coats, shoes, a dry room, a place to share and plan adventures with a cup of tea and of course, the people who love to get outdoors and share it with others.  It is also the home for our youth led youth café.  Young people are often not listened to and often misunderstood, this is a crucial youth led youth project empowering our young outdoor crews to feel valued, safe and heard.


We take our experience from our local community to our wider communities in the outdoor, education and community sectors so that everyone can learn and do better for those they serve.

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