We are community minded because we know education is lifelong and involves all of us as families, neighbourhoods, individuals and businesses. 


"We are primarily an education based organisation but this never means only formal education-

We focus alot of our work in communities."


 We frequently work in local outdoor spaces that are most relevant to the community that we are adventuring with.  You can find us in local parks, on village greens, even on the pavement if that is the closest and most useful local outdoor space or organising a community camp out on the local school field.

We offer sessions in local natural environments too, such as the beach, moorland, wetlands and woodland and are keen that communities know how to access their closest natural spaces and feel welcome, confident and knowledgable when there.  





We are committed to inclusion and have default practices that mean that nature, outdoor learning and tiny adventures are available to those who need it and that financial restrictions are not a barrier.  


We aim to poverty proof what we do.  By  working in non traditional outdoor environments, providing food as default, having a library of outdoor kit, offering woodland scholarships and seing sensitive about how we frame our content and talk about poverty.


We offer Woodland Scholarships to those who need it, subsidising the cost of taking part in regular sessions or ensuring in many cases that events are free.  We provide food at all sessions by default so that lack of resources need not be a barrier, as well as collecting and providing outdoor kit where needed.  We also provide transport where needed.  

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family camp in local school grounds


autumn pumpkinapple feast

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festive fire & feast