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Lochlainn’s Adventurer Blog Aged 9 3/4

Hello, I am Lochlainn, an adventurer from Nik Elvy‘s Curious school of the Wild.

My mum is also a leader with Miss Elvy

and so is Sarah ‘O Toole.

If you went to one of the sessions (without breaking a leg) you may want to make a den or climb a tree

instead of staying at home and going on the computer.

The Miss Elvy sessions are every Saturday. Our main destination is at Treraven wood in Wadebridge

but we also do them at places like Treverbyn and Mawgan Porth.

The age range is normally four to sixteen. But who knows, someone at the age of eighteen may come along and I’ll have to replace this blog again.

At Adventurers you sometimes have choice: freeplay or activities such as whittling,

making etc. etc. or both!

I say sometimes because once we were made to make gnomes by the Gnome-Nazi.

My favourite activity in Adventurers is free-play because we get to make dens and play War of the Sticks (no violence included).

By Lochlainn Lönze, age 9 ¾

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