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Jay's Forest Listography

Hello. My name is jay. I am 17 and 1/4. I go to Miss Elvy's Curious School of the Wild. I am a youth Leader.

My specialities are:

  • Being a wild Dinner Lady

  • Following kids who may find themselves in peril.

  • I have a special talent for getting kids out of trees.

  • If you are lucky, I might make a den with you or even make food out of mud and pretend to eat it!

  • Outdoor First Aid. Apart from it has only had to be used on myself.

I like the food that we eat. Such as:

  • Cornish Clam Bake [the layers of seaweed were great]

  • I really liked the cake we made in a mug. I called it a cup cake, I'm sure this will really take off.

  • Being a leader means that I get special camp fire Coffee #perks

  • Leek and Potato Soup in the Primus pan

  • Hot Spiced Apple Juice at The Great Pumpkinapple

My funniest Forest Moments:

  • Tom using a stick as a chainsaw with accurate sound effects makes me laugh a lot. Every time

  • When Ieasha attacked me with mud but I was so shocked it was hilarious

  • When I split my waterproofs doing power-slides down the hill

  • When we did gravity buckets, I was trying to demonstrate that the water wouldn't fall on you when we suddenly get a bucket of water thrown at us

  • Tom and I were taking selfies on the way down the hill with our Nordic Gnomes

  • Amy made a pancake out of water and flipped it in my face. Twice

The Coolest Things I've discovered:

  • I once found a network of ants (and then we fed them bits of our lunch to move them around and watch them carry it)

  • Foaming Trees. When it was really raining the sap from the pines made a bubble bath

  • We found two cute bats in a cave when were on camp

  • I have stumbled upon many perfectly placed dens that I thought were just for me [and then someone politely reminds me that it's Rocco's]

My conversations had while walking up the hill to the woods:

  • When Roxy then aged 6 said "You are invited to my birthday and there is a Disney Princess dress that would fit you"

  • Rocco told me that I could get into Lego Land for free because I am called Jay and am a part of Lego Ninjago

  • Zack asking about clouds I.D. and wondered if a cumulus cloud was called a skewer cloud

  • Explaining to Phoenix then aged 5 why he couldn't carry the Dutch Oven up the hill because it was bigger and heavier than him

Epic Fails:

  • Trying to look well professh, when I cut my finger and nearly fainted. And it was a special Christmas session, when I was supposed to play guitar!

  • I thought it was a great idea to make a rope swing when Otto the lightest kid fell to the floor because he was too heavy for it

  • Trying to remember something basic about maps and a compass when asked by Sally, our adult leader, when I had to just pass her over to Ned to explain instead

  • When hyped up as the scientist by my mum and she asked me in front of a Year 5 class what three things a fire needs and I said " Air, Fuel, oxygen"!

  • I climbed a tree to set up a tarp when my foot got so stuck that, when I climbed back down the tree and my foot and leg were still up there

A List Of The Best Beards I Made People Have:

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