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Adventurers by Zack, aged 10 [or Portrait of an Adventurer!]

"Hi, I'm Zack and these are my thoughts on Adventurers."

"It is a fun session which I use to escape technology on Saturday."

"Me being one of the people who started when it started I haven’t missed a single session."

"It is fun and enjoyable. We have a fire every other week and will have a huge open area to explore."

"personally like den building, tree climbing and using knives."

"The whole thing is fun and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the outdoors."

"I remember one time when it was raining I poured a bucket of water over Tom’s head."

Zack is one of our founding members at Adventurers. This is a group that meets every Saturday in Term time no matter how cold or how wet or how hot!

Zack has cooked countless campfire lunches and extended his taste in food loads,

he even loves a good mackerel taco now!

He has visited many woodland spaces,

the beach

and the moor.

He is now on his 3rd Camp with us and has slept in a hammock in the woods,

camped by the Camel Estuary

and is about to microcamp at the end of the Summer, [this means sleeping under the stars in a bivvi bag and no tent]!

Zack is well known for his "Lazer Maze" expertise

He is frequently found brandishing a "Gandalf stick". There are several incarnations of the Gandalf Stick and we even attended a funeral for one of the greatest sticks that became damaged and sadly didn't make it!

He now has so many skills. Zack can light a fire and use a Kelly Kettle safely.

Zack has been an Artist and made Environmental Art at Cardinham Woods, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

He can identify trees and their leaves, cloud types and tell us what that means about the weather.

He can forage for wild foods in different environments. This is us with Jay and Rhoda from Nature's Course learning about food we can find on the estuary.

He has learned about map reading and how to use a compass from Ned, Jay and Sam our Youth Leaders.

Zack has been instrumental in "Mapping" the site that we use most weeks by helping to name trees and different areas. This tree is Jeffrey Junior.

Zack is always creative in his use of the spaces we visit, here is his pine needle armchair!

Above all, Zack has made a Tonne of friends who understand him and his love for the outdoors and adventuring. This is the Adventurers on a visit to Shell Woods.

Jay and Zack in a tangle during a rope challenge that Sally set them!

But if we are honest, Zack's best Adventuring friend is probably Moss the Welsh Terrier!

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