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Microadventure [and how to camp on a school night by Sunny Elvy aged 13 ]

It's April, and that means I have slept outside in the rain and wind, under the sun, moon and stars, four times this year, on any night, school the next day or not ! All because... at the start of the year, my Mum and I set ourselves a challenge to microadventure every month (that means wild camping without a tent anywhere, anytime in the wild with a little or a lot of kit.) Anyone can do it, whether its in your neighbours garden or in the deep dark woods.

January: 27th Shell Woods 6 people

Short Report: we forgot the tent poles, so we used tent as a ground sheet. I slept under the "flying squirrel " shelter and was awoken by a really noisy crow, but we were comforted by chocolate porridge !!!

February: 20th Quiet Woods 2 people

Short Report: we bivvi bagged it, got mildly terrified by the looming darkness of the pine wood but discovered that pine needles and moss make great pillows! Awoke to silhouetted trees, jet boiled tea and school!

March: 31st Chebs' Field 8 people

Short Report: at the campfire 'til 12 midnight ,awoken by my sister, very, very ,very close to my face !!!!

April: 1st /2nd Chebs' field (Adventurers Wild Spring Camp!!)

Short Report: stayed up as late as possible, still very awake, then went to our tents with plans of midnight feasts awoke to our snacks still waiting for us. Pancakes for all!! Night two, everyone turned into zombies at the fire and slept in 'til 9am, then feasted on eggy-bread and searched for chocolate on our Easter bug hunt.

raspberry pancakes

Microadventures are my favourite thing to do because you can adjust the level of challenge and difficulty to suit you, also they are completely different every time due to certain controlled variables such as location, company, timing, methods (hammock , bivvi bags, tents, shelters ,tarps) and kit or luxuries. But even you can't control it completely, as the weather, plants and animals all affect you too, creating the whole experience!!

So get involved, its so easy because there is a whole microadventure community out there, check out social media, google it, find books and blogs, maybe even write your own! Just try it and spread the word, we want the world to get outside again so go go go !!!!

Thank you for letting me be your first guest blogger and I look forward to doing it again !

Sunny Elvy

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