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Outdoor Community Cooking Recipes #7 Street Corn

Following several months of experimenting with big outdoor cooking in our community, we have been asked many times for the recipes for what we have been making. I am not naturally a follow a recipe kind of person, I tend to make it up a bit and take ideas and throw them together in a slightly haphazard, experimental, cooking by eye and feel way. These cards won't include measurements for that reason and also because outdoors we try not to have unnecessary equipment if we can help it. We don't measure stuff in the wild while out and about-ever!

All of the following blog recipes are made suitable for cooking over fire but will also work over a camping stove or at home.

The format to these blogs will aim to be:

  • a simple format recipe post card

  • a beginning image-preparation,

  • a middle image-the finished dish

  • an end image, the people we have made food with enjoying their creations.

  • We may show more than one image if we have tried the dish in different environments.

#6 Street Corn

This is the calm before the corn storm! Literally the corn was cooked, we added ingredients and in about 20 minutes all of the corn was gone and eaten. 160 Cobs. No time to get a photo even!! I'm sure we will do this again so will update with a street corn photo with all of the gubbins!

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