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Tree by Tree [and how to start a social movement]

This is my friend Tino. He has had a great idea to plant trees and then have a party to celebrate them. The first tree planting happened this Easter and the proceeds from the event will go towards buying some land and more trees to plant and then another tree celebrating party. We had a great time. It was pretty hard work for the crew but we did it and it was a great success.

This is my friend Catherine, Tino's wife, and no one worked harder to help bring Tino's idea to fruition. The pair of them are a couple of legends.

Catherine is pictured here in front of The Tree Huggers Arms bar at the party. Roughly 300 people came together to be a part of this event, plant trees, support the idea and make it happen. Below are some more of the crew [Catherine's family who without them it couldn't happen.] That's Tim, sporting a Tree by Tree T-shirt. at the front.

The other image is a hint of the party that followed the planting. The great oak dome could not have been a more appropriate tree planting party place!

This is what is said about the Tree by Tree movement:

"Tree by Tree has been set up as a social movement to plant trees, to create woodlands that everyone can enjoy and to celebrate.

The principle is simple

We raise enough money to buy a plot of land and come together to plant it with woodland that has open access for everyone, forever.

We celebrate the trees, the woodland and the people who made it possible by having a festival at which we start raising money to purchase the next plot of land to plant more trees.

And so the movement grows:ordinary people, planting trees in woodlands that together become great forests of hope. Tree by Tree."

So how do you start a social movement? Just get on and do it!

You too can be a part of it...........

facebook: treebytree



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