Adventurers is a mixed aged group who meet regularly in term time to explore the outdoors all year round.  We meet on Saturdays from 10.30-2pm in all weather, all year.  We have an amazing woodland base at 10 acre wood in Wadebridge but are semi-nomadic and also visit other natural and wild environments.  We regularly visit the beach, moorland, wetlands, other forests and woods, historical sites, semi urban places and even the Royal Cornwall Museum, by train.  

Adventurers is a unique educational experience and offers one of the few opportunities in Cornwall for older children and young people to engage in regular environmental and outdoor based activity.  Due to long term members and our very inquisitive crew we are forced to be innovative and creative in our planning to ensure we keep everyone excited and engaged by what we offer.  We have members from 6-16 and several youth leaders who help us to stay energetic and stretch the boundaries of what a regular outdoor and environmental group can offer.

A session is £12 and £10 for siblings.  We ask for advanced payment for each half term.  We also offer woodland scholarships for individuals who would not otherwise be able to access what we do.  


We are not a Forest School and do not follow Forest School principles although I am sure that there may be some overlap in some areas.  We have evolved to genuinely follow the needs of the group and are influenced by the individuals and their interests but may better describe what we offer as community led rather than child led.  As described above we have the benefit of a woodland base but also the excitement and opportunity for learning from many environments.  Being semi-nomadic forms an essential part of our ethos-we aim to provide a holistic experience of outdoor and environmental education and do not limit ourselves to one space or one type of environment.  We feel that we will enable our group to better understand the cycles, links and interdependence of our planet by experiencing as many different environments as possible.

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We believe we will be able to return to Adventurers at the end of March in line with Governement guidance