Food, Environment and Community


"We work on the basic assumption that food is a requirement for healthy, happy and safe participation in any outdoor experience."















By providing food for groups and individuals that we work with we also go some way to combat barriers to taking part.  We aim to be inclusive and providing food is one of the most significant ways that we can achieve this.  We love to cook, eat and share food together.


As a result of underpinning our outdoor practice through food and nourishment we are also involved in other work.  Alongside our outdoor education we also source, collect and use waste food.  Mostly we collect food from supermarkets that would otherwise go into landfill.  This food is all still good to eat and we are able to find cool ways to use this food in our outdoor practice and in our community.


All of our sessions involve cooking and eating together.  Most often we cook over fire but also use other methods and techniques.  A central element of our regular Adventurers sessions and school sessions, revolve around preparing, cooking and eating campfire food together.  We are experimental and love to try new ways of cooking and it sometimes goes wrong but we love it anyway!  We cook over fire at other community events also to raise awareness and sometimes funds.  We also offer courses to help practitioners grow their outdoor cooking confidence. 


We work with a Community Hub in Bodmin and use it as a central place to deliver food boxes to those who may need it.  We are also able to support the Community Hub in it's wider work by offering waste food for their groups to use and cooking for some of their outdoor events.


We have teamed up with Tex in Bodmin to stock a Community Fridge in the high street that anyone can access.  It aims to help with food poverty in the town but also is essentially an environmental solution to use surplus and waste food locally.

It has been an important and overwhelming project, you can read about it here.


We are currently working on an outdoor food and cooking, community project in Bodmin.  Using food waste but also bringing communities together to cook, eat and share food together.  Working in different areas of the town we are offering opportunities for individuals to come and cook outdoors together and learn new cooking techniques and ideas for recipes.  This also involves the BIG LUNCH and a free family camp out in the Summer Holidays. The food project for 2019 is in partnership with Cultivate Cornwall and the Big Lottery Fund.  It is called Connection Through Cooking.


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