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It's been a tricky time for everyone.  We have had times with no work and then one sudden and energetic period of catch up from September to December.  Currently (Feb 2021) we are back in lockdown and have not worked with groups since Christmas.  We have been finding creative ways to inspire and stay connected to the outdoors and each other.  

This page presents the work we have done in and around the pandemic.  You will find work we have dreamed up for our participants, some funded by Into Bodmin and Active Cornwall, and more recently our Sport England This Girl Can Curious and Wild Challenges.  

We have made the most of all of the media available to us and quickly learnt new skills and explored new modes of online delivery and of sharing the outdoors.  

In Summer 2020 we were unable to work with full groups but our local Tier meant we could be outdoors in groups of six.  We designed #wanderings so that we could still work with small groups.  An investment in new equipment was needed so that all group members had their own equipment and didn't need to share anything.  We also designed outdoor recipes that would work on a trangia and the biggest challenge of all, use all pre packaged foods for safety.  







#wanderings were mini expeditions on a circular hike, cooking on route learning to use on the trangia in all conditions.  We led wanderings on the moor, the coast, wetlands and a tor.  

#wanderings was not a profitable enterprise but was a crucial offer for us and for some of the young people we worked with, who had not socialised for some time and some had not been outdoors as much as they usually would have.  It was more important at this time to connect with each other and to local landscapes again.




Check out our youtube channel for tonnes of videos made in lockdown.