Watercolor Stain

Arty beginnings

Armed with my P.G.C.E. I started my work life as a 11-19 teacher of Art (with Drama) after a degree in Art History with Art for Society.  The Arts and their social importance has always been with me.  I began my freelance work later, as a community artist, this gradually became more and more outdoors.  Working with Rogue Theatre to build and make their woodland installations, creating a Travelling Cabinet of Nature Curiosities, the town to tide "Fish Boat" on Par Beach, and multiple other outdoor inspired community arts projects.  I was eventually fully outdoors, with fire, tools, and the wind in my hair. 

There are so many amazing ways that the arts and the outdoors overlap.  I hope you can find some ideas and inpiration here, for visual art but also bringing in story telling and drama games. 

Find in these pages details of my own art work, ideas to try at home or out in the wild, ways to journal your outdoor practice and the bring back the nature table campaign. 

Pencil Shavings Photo
Grungy Paint Splatter 2

Art, Nature & outdoors