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What is the Curious School of the wild?

Curious school of the wild CIC

The Curious School of the wild, is an adventurous and creative Outdoor Education organisation, that uses natural environments and the outdoors to improve educational and well-being outcomes for our communities.  We recently became a community interest company, which better reflects our values and where we think we are going in the future. We encourage, healthy lifestyles, strong communities, positive mental health, creativity, play and learning about the world around us. We work with Children, young people, adults, families and education and outdoor professionals. 

We work with all ages through regular sessions, camps, microadventure, work in schools and in communities.  We also acknowledge that using local community wild spaces often has better outcomes so we are nomadic in the spaces we use.  We are engaged in active research and have developed a Wild Play and food education Scheme called Stone Soup and now a Curious and Wild Soup Project that we hope will have some impact on local food poverty and holiday hunger as well as better metal health and connection in our communities.  Nik successfully completed her Masters in research with a distinction and is now working hard on her PhD.  Nik's research interests are inclusivity in the outdoors, the role of food and cooking outdoors on accesibility, the impact of poverty and low income on adventure and outdoor experiences and this all feeds back into our practice and ethos.


Our favourite five:

  1. Adventures-even tiny ones

  2. Wild Cooking, eating and sharing

  3. Creativity, making and building

  4. Learning and Education through experience, play and discovery

  5. Community and Inclusivity

Our leaders are from a range of back grounds; education, forest school, ex military, early years and other backgrounds.  We provide opportunities for learning, making, play and personal development in the wild. 

We are supported by amazing friends and parents of our groups, who trust us with their children in the wild! We have a great team of forest school practitioners and educators like Jay Elvy, Sally Payne, Teresa Charnley, Sally Jones, Sarah O Toole, Charlotte Charnley, Janet Wilson, Mel Kent, Survival Steve, Matt Baker,Lizzy  Webber and Naomi Parslow, Matthew White, Spencer Upton and Kate Jeffery,  without whom we would all be much less well nourished in every way.  


We have funny, energetic youth leaders who keep us on our toes and form a crucial part of our ethos.  We love Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers and work experience students.

We sometimes work in partnership and collaboration with other organisations to help spread the wild goodness further.  We also have membership of professional bodies that support the work we do.  Their logos or links are featured on this page.  

This site celebrates our outdoor community.

You can book us for various adventures get in contact to discuss your ideas.

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